Premier Care has been providing support to people in their own homes since 1998.  During that time we’ve answered many questions from people enquiring about our services.  Here are just a few of those questions which we hope will help you to make the right choice.

Why choose home care services?

There are a number of options you may wish to consider.  Most of us would prefer to stay in our own homes, enjoying the comfort and independence this gives us.  Home care can help you achieve this whilst keeping loved ones together and maintaining the integrity of family units.

What services does Premier Care provide?

There are a number of options you may wish to consider. Most of us would prefer to stay in our own home enjoying the comfort and independence this gives us. Homecare can help you achieve this.

Premier Care can provide as little as one visit a week up to 4 or 5 visits a day, or support over a weekend whilst a relative takes a break. We offer services that are shaped to meet your individual needs.

Who pays for the service?

You may be entitled to Local Authority funding depending on your circumstances, you can also pay for your care and support privately. You may need to do both, i.e. receive local authority support and “top up” the support you receive by paying for extra things your Local Authority doesn’t provide.

You may have a service provided by Premier Care which has been  commissioned by your Local Authority.  This is known as a managed service.  You may have to contribute funding to this managed service. 

Local Authority funding may be provided in a number of  other different ways in the form of a direct payment, individual budget or self-directed support.  These give you more choice and freedom over the type and level of support you want by putting you in control of your funding.

Are your teams qualified and trained?

Yes we firmly believe that well trained and fully qualified, confident staff make a real difference to the service we provide. Our staff receive an induction and ongoing training to meet all the Government standards. Our staff must also have one other vital ingredient – the compassion and desire to do the best they can for you.

How will you know what care I need?

We start by arranging a time to visit you and include others you may want to be involved in the decision making. We will then find out about the things you would like to do and from there we will create a personal support plan. Once you are happy, we will then be in a position to start your Premier Care service as soon as you are ready.

What if I am not ready to decide whether home care is right for me? Can I think about it?

Yes we want to ensure that you are completely happy and comfortable with the choices that you make. We encourage you to think about your options before proceeding. We will be ready to help but only when the time is right for you.

Service Areas

Providing home care services in Basildon, Billericay, Wickford, Laindon, Canvey Island, Benfleet, Hadleigh, Thundersley, Rayleigh, Gt Wakering, Rochford, Hockley and Hullbridge.

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